Thunderclap: Demand Trump Apologize

Civic DC • 31 January 2018
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Africa is the birthplace of ALL humanity. Now Africa needs humanity to stand with her. Join the fight. Sign the petition and help us become 100,000 strong. Then we can make our voices heard in the White House, in the State Department and around the world. Because no one, absolutely no one, talks about our mother that way. Let’s All Stand Strong with Africa. 


We condemn President Trump for his denigration of Africa and Haiti.

Therefore, we formally request the following:

  1. We call upon the President to make a formal apology to people of African descent globally for his derogatory comments about African nations and Haiti.
  2. We call upon you to nominate an Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.
  3. We call for an affirmation of the importance of civility in all foreign relations discourse.
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