Thunderclap: STILL TIME to March4theOcean!

Civic DC • 4 June 2018
Link to Thunderclap

On June 9, 2018, thousands of people will March for the Ocean (M4O) in Washington DC and events including clean-ups, flotillasmarches and rallies around the country and the world to ensure a healthy ocean and clean water for future generations.

Over 170 Ocean and Water advocacy partners are mobilizing a broad and diverse constituency to #MarchForTheOcean to demand ocean solutions for the problems that threaten our blue planet. A growing chorus of supporters includes environmentalists, scientists, surfers, divers, celebrities, fishermen, social justice advocates, small businesses, major aquariums, deep-sea explorers, students, parents, teachers and citizen activists - everyone who gets so much from the ocean and all water and water ways are mobilizing to give something back.  

March for the Ocean has received endorsements from:

For more information go to: www.marchfortheocean.org

Watch the M4O youth video:

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